Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whats going on with Kaaos Images

Been a little busy and kind of forgot that I even had a blog. Ive started working on a new series for Hallowen, it's based on urban legends and rituals that surround Halloween. Have a few photos done but a ton to go. I'm also starting to get my freelance going might be doing some work for a local college and a few weddings.
Also since my last post on here I have gotten my own website, kaaosiamges.com, the site is still being worked on but is up and running. I have all my personal dark photos, some pinup, bands that I've photographed and events. I'm working on getting some traditional photos up hope to have a few up within the next month.
I've just found out that I will be doing a photoshoot with the horror punk band Blitzkid on their next tour. I took photos at their last show in Atlanta, Ga and cant wait to work with them again and photograph another show. Great band, great guys always friendly and make sure that they talk to every fan and sign anything that they want. I'll have the photos up on my site once they are done so keep checking in to see whats going on. Can also follow me on twitter.