Sunday, July 19, 2009


Blitzkid is a Horror/Psychobilly band out of West Virginia. They have toured consistently all over the US and overseas. The band is headed up by TB Monstrosity and Argyle Goolsby. In the time they have been a band, they have garnered critical underground acclaim for their tireless work ethic, consistent, ever evolving album output and dedication to giving their audience the respect they deserve through providing great songs and energetic live shows. The band has a dedicated following in the states as well as in Europe.

I found Blitzkid during my senior year of high school and have a big fan ever since. First time I got to see them live was in Eastman, Ga. Took around three hours to get there but was worth it. These are some of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. Always talking to fan until they that to go on stage. Unlike most bands that avoid their fans or charge them money to come backstage and spend 5 minutes with them.

The second time I got to see Blitzkid I was just really getting into photography and thought I would try my luck at taking concert photos. I did get a few good photos but due to not knowing what setting work concerts most of the photos i got were blurry or under exposed. Also the camera I was using wasn't the best camera for any type of photography. I know a photographer shouldn't place blame on the camera but there are some cameras that just, well suck. After that night I did a little research on what settings work best and decided to use my Canon D20 for the next show I would try to photograph.

Only a few months after seeing Blitzkid for the second time they came back. And this time went better than last. Still didn't have the settings down to take photos without a flash. Hated using a flash knowing that it was a small distraction for the band but they did the show without a problem. They always seem to be better with every show which is more than I can say for most bands. But the photos came out great some still a little dark but the venue was also very dark. While going through the photos found one that has become my favorite from the show.

The photos is of Goolsby playing bass, but you can see an eye between the tuning pegs on the bass. The eye is of the singer from 52 ways a local Atlanta, Ga band who jumped on stage to sing along without me knowing. Every photographer loves when they find the photos they thought was just alright turns out to be very unique. And when taking photos just feet from the mosh pit and being knocked around can have a good selection of hidden photos. This photo being an example of one of them. After talking to Goolsby and TB I was told to send the photos to their website and they might use them. Still waiting to see if they use them. Also waiting to get the chance to photograph one of the best Horror bands to ever make it to the stage. If you are a fan of Horror or Psychobilly or just a fan of bands with great songs Blitzkid is a band you need to check out.

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