Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fine Art or Just Another Photo

What makes a photograph fine art? Is it the the theme of the photo or is it the meaning the photographer had for making the photo? Or could it even be the way the photographer went about making his or her photo? These are all questions I've had while working on my personal photos.

I work in a portrait studio where I am limited on how creative I can get with photos. Due to the subjects capabilities and being limited on messing with lighting and camera settings. Outside of the studio is where I let my creativity flow. I get my inspiration from the music I listen to, the movies i watch and the people of the subcultures I like to be a part of.

Most of my personal work seems to be related to the horror & psychobilly themes. Whether it be a dark look to the photos or just a straight up pin-up photo. The main problem with taking these types of photos is finding a place to get them seen. Will these photos be considered fine art and be put into a gallery is and always be my main concern when taking them?

I guess no one really knows what makes a photograph fine art. I guess any photographer that wants to get big at doing their own ideas just has to take that chance and let the world be the judge. There will always be an audience for every photo whether it be good or bad. Every photographer hopes their audience is for the great photos. The photos that make people stop and think.

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