Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glimpse of light

In the past week I've had some stuff come up that made me re-think my future in photography. I had planned on just staying with the photography company I am currently with until I could retire. Due to the way that some of the higher ups are wanting to run the company, it has become an unfriendly work environment. So I am about to start looking for a new studio to work with or move to another division of the company.
After deciding to leave my current studio I have put more focus into building my freelance and working on my own ideas to enter in art shows. I've talked to a few people that seem to be interested and have a few customers at the studio that would be willing to use me instead of the studio. Also will be doing a photo shoot with a local Atlanta, Ga artist. As far as my own more creative photos I've entered three of my photos into a small art show and will have about eight of my photos on very soon.
So seems like my freelance work is starting to look like it could build itself into something big. Which is something that I have always wanted. Once I have my own studio or a steady flow of clients I think I'll be a lot happier.

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